Cigar Customers! -  Ask your local convenience store, liquor store or smoke shop to stock a Penrod Cigar humidor with premium cigars. You can tell them there isn't a dime in upfront cost with consignment retailing and they're assured of a fresh supply of premium cigars every month.  Or contact us and we'll contact them for you!  Tel (312) 420-7175
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About The Chicagoland Company

Penrod Premium Consignment Cigars Ltd provides a free counter top humidor fully loaded with premium cigars for convenience stores, liquor stores and other establishments licensed to sell tobacco products.  The company provides the humidor complete with premium cigars on a consignment basis without any upfront costs for the store.  Each cigar is provided complete with bar coded price tag.  Information labels with price, cigar name, size and origin are located on the front of the display for every brand of premium cigar placed in the humidor.  These labels are updated every month when the location is serviced and the cigars are rotated.  Cigar cutters, store window signs and matches can also be provided when you have an account with Penrod Cigars.  Each cigar price tag is printed with a 25% markup over your eventual cost guaranteeing your store an upfront profit the moment a sale is made.  There are almost 200 Penrod Cigar outlets in and around Chicago and we have been in business since 2002.  If you are a Chicagoland establishment licensed to sell tobacco, join us today and see how your store too can offer premium cigars at a competitive price, with no upfront cost.  Cigars go great with many other products, such as wine beer and spirits.
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